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Bid Number: FAC 17-008
Bid Title: CANCELLED: Demolition of Residential Structure 804 Chipeta
Category: Construction and Design Services
Status: Cancelled


CANCELLED: The City of Montrose is requesting formal bids through the Request for Proposal process from professional demolition contractors for the demolition and lot clearing of a residential property. A pre-bid meeting will be held on Wednesday March 15th at 10AM. Proposals will be publicly received and registered on Monday March 27th at City Hall, 433 S. 1st Street, Montrose, Colorado 81401. Bids will be received no later than 2:00 P.M. on the above date. 

Complete bid packets can be downloaded from the City web page at under Department Services, Purchasing, and Open Bids. Addenda will be posted to the website and it is the bidder's responsibility to download addenda. 

The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, to waive irregularities and/or informalities and to disregard all non-conforming, non-responsive, unbalanced or conditional bids. The City of Montrose complies with all Equal Opportunity requirements. All qualified Offers will receive consideration without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, sex, marital status, religion, ancestry, mental or physical handicap or age.


Project site address is: 804 Chipeta Road Montrose Colorado 81401

Proposed completion date: May 20th, 2017



This project consists of a complete, safe, and legal structure demolition and lot clearing, which includes structural building components, foundations, footings, slabs, sheds and other material within or attached, as required by law and in accordance with these specifications.  The City of Montrose has ownership to the site for the purpose of removing all improvements.



•The property to the south and east of the structure can be used for staging.

  • A stormwater construction permit will not be necessary for this project.



•The City of Montrose will submit and pay for associated State of Colorado project demolition permits.

•Mobilization to the site and staging of any equipment will not be allowed until all required permits and notices have been filed, and all fees paid.

•The Contractor shall secure any additional permits required by federal, state or local authorities

•The Contractor shall pay all other fees and fines required by the regulatory agencies.  No work will be allowed on site prior to permit issuance.

•The Contractor shall notify the applicable regulating agencies when any parcel clearing activities are complete.The Contractor shall schedule, attend, and

notify  the  Project  Manager  of  all  inspections  or  visits  by  any  regulatory





•Upon award of Contract, all identified structures and material for removal including concrete foundations, footings, slabs, fencing, and debris shall become the property of the Contractor.

•For the duration of the project, security of the project site

including but not limited to trespass, materials, structures, salvageable items, and debris are the Contractors responsibility.  

•Properly installed and secured six (6) foot tall chain link safety fence panels will be required around the perimeter of work site and maintained throughout the project.

•Access along Chipeta Road and adjacent driveways will be kept open unless prior coordination is made with the Project Manager, affected property owners, and other contractors working in the area. Adjacent roadways will be kept free of debris resulting from the project at all times.

•No Trespassing signs will be installed before any work begins, and left in place until the project is complete.



•Contractor is responsible for protection to workers, the general public, and the environment from dust, runoff, mud, and debris resulting from the work to include but not limited to surface water, roadways, and adjacent parcels.

•Contractor shall utilize and install erosion control measures as necessary to prevent erosion and track?out from the site.

•Installation of erosion control measures shall be completed prior to soil disturbance or excavation.

•Whenever sediment is transported onto a public road, that sediment is to be cleaned off the road with either shovel or broom and no wash down of the road is to take place prior to sediment removal. All storm water protection measures must be in place before any road washing takes place.

•All storm water inlets which could potentially receive sediment laden runoff from the

project should be temporarily protected to prevent such runoff from entering the storm drain system.

•The contractor shall make routine checks on all erosion control measures and make repairs or remove built?up sediment as necessary. All erosion control measures should be checked following a precipitation event.

•Sediment deposits are to be cleared once they have reached ½ the height of the erosion control barrier or prior to barrier removal.

•A storm water construction permit with the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment is not required for this project

•Refer to Drainage and Erosion Control Standards document and include a means and methods for controlling site runoff with proposal. 


•All asbestos abatement has been completed at this facility



•A utility locate (811) is required before any ground breaking or subsurface work is conducted.  Before any demolition work begins, all utility connections to the structures are to be terminated and disconnected according to each utility provider’s requirements.  This includes, but is not limited to electric, solar, water, well, natural gas, propane, heating oil, telephone, television, satellite, internet, and alarm.

•This is especially important before posting the No Trespassing sign.

•Contractor is to verify that all utilities have been properly disconnected and no further utility work is required prior to demolition.



•Sanitary sewer capping consists of locating and terminating the sanitary sewer by capping, plugging, or as specified by and in a manner acceptable to the local sanitary sewer service provider.

•Septic decommissioning consists of locating, pumping, legally disposing of waste and removing of the septic tank(s), grease trap(s), drain field(s) and associated connection and drain field piping of all septic systems, active or abandoned on this parcel as required by local regulations.



•The contractor shall have daily on-site supervision through-out the project, with the authority to negotiate changed conditions and take immediate action

on construction site safety and health issues.

•All debris must be disposed of at an appropriately permitted facility verified by documentation of legal disposal submitted to the City.

•Any trees marked by green flagging at the time of pre-bid meeting are to be removed with a ground level cut at the trunk base.

•Included in demolition: The residential structure and its foundation, all fences, out buildings, cellars, misc. debris, any porches, landings, sidewalks, driveways (concrete), mechanical systems, building contents, specified fencing, etc..

* Cross fencing on the south and east should be removed in a careful manner as to not damage the adjoining fences. Two 8” shallow irrigation pipes exist just to the north of the southern fence line which is to be removed.

•The contractor must supply water for dust control during demolition and clean-up.

•The project end point for The City of Montrose is that the work is complete and debris removed such that the project limits are cleared in a manner and within the time frame established in this Bid Document.

•Demolition and site clearing debris will be completely removed from the project

limits and disposed of or recycled in a safe, complete, and legal manner, consistent with the laws and regulations governing such activities.

•Absolutely no debris is to be buried on this site.


The City of Montrose encourages recycling of building materials and furnishings where economically feasible within the bid price.  



•Any voids left at the site shall be backfilled and compacted to a uniform grade of the surrounding soil with all voids eliminated. 

•Fill material should be 90% of modified proctor at + ? 2% of optimum moister content. If common fill and the material that comes out are workable site soils can be reused. Lifts should be a maximum of 12” (compacted thickness). *Thinner lifts may be necessary depending on the type of compaction equipment used.

•The contractor is responsible for compaction testing verified by written results submitted to the City.

•The site will be contoured for drainage to the existing grade or as specified on the site layout. Surfaces remaining after parcel clearing are to be safely graded and free of debris, protrusions, and abrupt edges such that the surfaces are capable of being easily walked and/or driven upon by a standard vehicle.

•Clean imported backfill will be used when necessary.

•Any damage to areas used for access or staging of equipment will be restored to the Project Manager’s satisfaction by the Contractor.  No trees are to be

removed without prior approval of the Project Manager. Damage to trees,

grass areas, driveways, curbs, roadways, structures, features, utilities, or any not specified for this project will be restored to the Project Manager’s satisfaction by the Contractor.

•No over-seeding will be required.



•Any damage, from negligence by actions or failure to take action to protect, to the new or existing structure or structures attached or adjacent to these structures will be restored or repaired by the contractor at no cost to The City of Montrose.


•Any conflicts and/or contradictions will immediately be brought to the attention of the Project Manager for clarification or resolution.

•If there are any conflicts between the requirements of this contract and any law or regulation, the safest and most stringent requirements shall prevail.


Publication Date/Time:
3/2/2017 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
4/2/2017 11:59 PM
Submittal Information:
Proposals should be submitted to City Hall 433 South 1st Street by 2:00PM on Monday March 27th
Bid Opening Information:
Pre-bid Meeting:
Contact Person:
Mark Armstrong
Plan & Spec Available:
See attached documents
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