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Bid Number: 14-008
Bid Title: 2014 Pavement Striping IFB
Category: Construction and Design Services
Status: Closed


Contractor will provide labor, mobilization, appropriate materials, methods, assemblies, products and systems to construct the work according to the contract documents.

This work is to be completed by or before Memorial Day, weather permitting.

The work is to provide continuous road painting of the centerlines, edge lined, and bike lanes with in the City limits. Re-paint crosswalks and stop bars once in the spring and once in the fall throughout the City.

The repainting of the yellow curbs is ONLY to be done after the remove of all old paint and the area of work to be done will be approved by the City before starting the paint removal.

The first time painting in the spring will consist of approximately 650,000 feet of yellow and white lines combined.

The contractor is to provide all cleaning of areas before painting. The long lines need to be cleaned with a mechanical broom and the yellow curbs are to be cleaned by the contractors choose. The yellow paint must be removed to the city’s satisfaction.

The contractor will be on call for replacement painting during the summer for construction projects with a 48-hour response time when notified.

The City and the contractor will determine which streets if any need repainted before winter.

 The contractor will provide all traffic control according to the MUTCD.

       Sweep and re-strip all public parking lots once per year per the following list:

  1. North 1st & Selig
  2. Lot off of N.1st by Auto Zone – the West half
  3. Lot by Chuck’s Glass
  4. Corner of N.2nd and Cascade
  5. Lot across from Hartmans on N. 1st
  6. City Hall on East side
  7. Around the Police Department and Elks Civic Building
  8. River Bottom Park (Baldridge) lot and the Ute Baseball field parking
  9. Rotary park lot

Parking lots done on an as need bases

  1. Public works building
  2. Pavilion parking
  3. Cerise lot


2. Paint requirements:

The contractor shall use a paint that is equal to or greater than Federal Specifications TTP-152d Type II.

The paint must have reflectivity to meet highway standards. Minimum of 5 lbs 13 oz. of glass beads per 100 sg. ft.  for regular thickness paint. Minimum of 6 lbs 5 oz., of glass beads per 100 sq. ft. for high build paint.

The City will determine the usage of high build paint or regular thickness paint.

Stripes shall be protected until dry.

3. Equipment Requirements

Equipment shall have a bead dispenser directly behind the paint applicator, synchronized with the paint applicator and shall be capable of painting a clean-edge stripe of the designated width +or- ¼ inch with no overspray on the road surface. For centerline and lane lines, an automated skip control shall be used. Machine having multiple applicators shall be used for center lines with “no passing zones”. In areas where machines are not practical, suitable hand- operated equipment shall be used as directed by the City Engineer.

4. Pricing

High Build Paint (minimum of 22 mils)

Price per linear foot including glass beads _________________________

Regular Thickness Paint (minimum of 15 mils)

Price per linear foot including glass beads _________________________

 Re-paint crosswalks, Yield Bars, and Stop Bars:

Base price on Approximately 190 (estimate)

Crosswalks-Price each:                                       $___________________

Yield Bars for crosswalks -price each               $___________________

Stop Bars- price each:                                           $___________________ 

Cleaning of yellow curb per linear foot            $____________________

Re-painting of yellow curb per linear foot       $___________________

(The footage for yellow curb work will be determined on as need bases)

Sweep and Re-stripe Downtown & City parking lots:

To be done once (1) a year

Total price for all $_______________ (#1 - #9 per scope of work)

Sweep & Re-stripe the three parking lots on as need bases

# 10 Public Works Building        $_______________

#11 Pavilion parking                   $_______________

#12 Cerise lot                               $_____________          

Re-Stripe the on-street parking

Based on Approximately 11,000feet (estimate)

Price per linear foot:                                   $_____________

Blue Curb Painting                      

Price per linear foot:                                    $______________

Special Symbols

All special symbols must meet CDOT standard plans S-627-1 or be approved by the City Engineer

Handicap Symbols Price each:                   $_______________

Turn Arrows- Price each:                             $________________

“Only” 8- foot letters- Price per word:      $________________

“School”- 8 –foot letters Price per word:  $_______________

Combo Arrows -Price each:                          $_______________    

Mobilization is considered incidental to all work and will not be paid for seperately. Mobilization cost shall be included in unit prices.

The City requires a 48 hour response time when notified

Publication Date/Time:
2/20/2014 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
3/15/2014 12:00 PM
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