How does the City of Montrose plan for snow removal?

Each storm calls for a unique approach, which includes: 

  • Number of snowplows and personnel required:
    • The number of personnel and type of snow removal equipment are determined based on the anticipated strength of the storm. Personnel from the Streets Division and other Public Works divisions are deployed when the snow starts falling.
  • Number of shifts and length of shifts for drivers:
    • Snow removal personnel are notified of anticipated start times based on available weather data. The City of Montrose typically assigns personnel to two 12-hour shifts, with the major workforce deployed during the daylight hours to assist before heavy traffic. A limited number of units are deployed during evening hours to keep roads open, continue widening operations, and respond to requests for emergency assistance.
  • Determining what products are most appropriate for the road surfaces:
    • The City of Montrose utilizes both liquid and granular de-icing products depending upon the location of the road, the temperature of the pavement, and the potential for re-freezing. Liquid anti-icing products are sometimes applied to arterial roadways (major roadways) prior to snowstorms. Anti-icing products can only be applied when temperatures are suitable. These products help to minimize the bonding of snow to pavement surfaces. Granular deicers are applied to assist in breaking the bond between Ice and pavement so it can be mechanically removed by a plow. Materials containing a blend of salt and aggregate are often applied to roadways to provide extra traction at curves, hills, and intersections.

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