What can I expect regarding snow removal activities prior to, during, and after the storm?

During heavy snowstorms, plows will often clear lanes simultaneously. Multiple snowplows often plow together to remove snow from multi-lane streets to provide more efficient operation and eliminate piles of snow in the roadway that may become obstructions to vehicles. When you see this process in action, please give equipment adequate room to operate. 

Do not drive within a snowplow operator’s blind spot, as he/she is not able to see you. For personal safety, never pass a snowplow that is engaged in snow removal. Snow and ice that comes off the plow blade can damage your vehicle or greatly obstruct your vision. Passing an operating snowplow in “Tandem formation” with two or more snowplows arranged diagonally is now a Class A traffic offense.

The City of Montrose clears all roadways according to priority until conditions are safe for travel. Tier 4 (Residential Streets) are plowed only when conditions warrant, and snowplow crews are available. Plowing of Tier 4 streets is a rare occurrence in Montrose. Tier 4 streets are not routinely plowed and de-iced because the lower traffic volume and speeds do not typically warrant the expense. Exceptions to this are made for streets that have hills or curves that may become icy and hazardous to traffic.

Depending upon temperatures, wind velocities, and the extent of snowmelt, crews may have to widen travel lanes, remove ice, and perform other operations for several days after a snow event. Snow from adjacent properties can melt and re-freeze overnight, creating ice buildup on the street. To report ice buildup on a street, please call 970-240-1480.

Citizen Responsibilities during and after snowstorms include sidewalk shoveling, snow placement, and vehicle removal. View Section 9-4-1 of the City of Montrose Municipal Code

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