Cooperative Marketing Grants

Cooperative Marketing Grant ProgramThank you for your interest in applying for the Cooperative Marketing Grants program, brought to you by the City of Montrose Office of Business and Tourism. Please read the program details below before completing an online grant application.

About the Program

In an effort to provide local businesses promotion during the time of COVID-19, the City of Montrose is offering $1,000 per approved applicant group toward marketing their business. Each application must include at least two businesses (maximum of three businesses) working together to develop an ad/messaging campaign.

How to Participate


Who Gets Paid

Advertisers will bill the City of Montrose directly for your choice of advertising. Payments will NOT be made directly to co-op businesses. 

Who Can Participate in Each Co-Op

While this program allows for a lot of creativity/flexibility, there are a few basic requirements:

  • All businesses involved in application MUST be locally owned and operated
  • Businesses involved can be like or different business types
  • Businesses acknowledge that for the co-op program, there will be ONE spokesperson for the application, review, and ad implementation for all businesses involved in the ad. Partner businesses should agree on these details before submitting an application for funding.

Ad/Messaging Design Services

Before applying to participate in the Cooperative Marketing Grant program, please note that full graphic design services are not offered at this time. Upon request, the city may be able to offer very limited design services. Please note in your application if you have an imperative need for design assistance.

If your ad is very graphic-based, we encourage you to set aside a portion of the awarded grant funds for design services that many ad publishers provide. Please include details in your application if you plan to acquire design services. Another option is to consider radio ads that do not require graphics. Additionally, is a free, user-friendly design resource that includes easy templates for designing your own ad.

Roles and Responsibilities

Business Responsibilities

  • Research the desired advertising mediums/outlets
  • Create a plan
  • Submit an application with as much information as you have, keeping in mind the $1,000 grant budget


  • Notify your contact (given after approval of co-op) of your final advertising plan and submit ads to city contact for final approval
  • Work with other business partners involved in the application to secure and submit advertising with media outlet after approval from city contact

City of Montrose Responsibilities

  • Review all submitted grant applications with review committee
  • Encourage and empower approved applicants to work together and execute their messaging
  • Make direct payments to media source(es) chosen by grant applicants
  • The City of Montrose will contact advertiser(s) to coordinate payments. Please note that if you choose a social media ad, one of the businesses involved in your application will be responsible for making the initial payment and, after an invoice is sent to said business, the city will issue reimbursement to the business within seven business days of receiving invoice.


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