Chipeta/Hwy 550 Signalization Project

Chipeta Signal Overview DrawingProject Summary

  • Project Designer: HDR Engineering (Grand Junction, CO)
  • Contractor: Mountain Valley Contracting (Grand Junction, CO)
  • Final Construction Cost: $1.0M
  • Completed: May 2023

Completed traffic signals at intersection of Chipeta Road and Highway 550Project Overview

In 2019, CDOT completed an (updated) access control plan for this reach of Highway 550 which included plans for the eventual signalization of its intersection with Chipeta Road.  More recently in 2020, a traffic impact study (TIS) was completed for a proposed development alongside Chipeta Road near the Cobble Creek golf course.  This TIS included evaluations of the Chipeta/550 intersection, a review of collision data, and identified that signal warrants appear to be met at that time.

In response to the need, Montrose County and the City of Montrose entered into an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) to design and construct a traffic signal at the intersection of Chipeta Road and US Highway 550.  Through this IGA, the cost for design and construction of the signal was split 60% County, 40% City based on their proportionate share of traffic contributing to the intersection. The project then went to construction under contract to Montrose County in late 2022.