Ogden Road Pedestrian Millings Trail

Ogden Millings Trail OverviewProject Timeline

  • Estimated Completion Date: Summer 2023

Project Team

  • Project Designer: City of Montrose Engineering Department
  • Construction: City of Montrose Streets Department

Project Costs

  • Design Cost: In-House
  • Construction Cost: $5k for drainage inlets and culverts.  Otherwise uses asphalt millings produced from nearby street maintenance projects. 

Project Overview

The City of Montrose Capital Plan identifies the eventual widening of Ogden Road to minor arterial standards, which will include through lanes, turn lanes, bike lanes, and detached sidewalks. However, implementation of this project is likely 10+ years out as the project cost is in excess of ten million dollars and would require the acquisition of rights of way from over 15 different property owners. As an interim measure, right of way is available along the northern side of Ogden Road between Odelle and Outlook Roads which allows for a trail to be constructed within this reach. The trail will be constructed using asphalt millings which are a byproduct of ongoing street maintenance activities. Constructing the trail as a millings trail avoids the need to tear out a new concrete sidewalk when the time to eventually widen Ogden Road does come. Please see the adjacent overview drawing for additional detail.