West Main Revitalization Project

Project Timeline

  • Design and Permitting: Complete Fall 2023
  • Start Waterline Construction: Fall 2023
  • Start Roadway Improvements: Spring 2024
  • Project Complete: Late 2024

Project Team

  • Designer: KLJ Engineering (Grand Junction, CO)
  • Construction Contractor: TBD

Project Costs

  •  Street Improvements: $2.5M
  •  Waterline Replacements: $1.0M

Grant Funding

  • $2.0M Grant awarded by the Colorado Department of Transportation through their Revitalizing Main Streets Grant Program

West Main Project Area Conceptual Map - Click to download high resolution PDF  Opens in new window

Project Overview

West Main Street, a part of State Highway 90, runs approximately 0.5 miles from Townsend Avenue to the Uncompahgre River within the City of Montrose. Although owned and generally maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), this reach of roadway runs through downtown Montrose’s urban core and, as a result, serves as the primary access and frontage for adjacent businesses. West Main also provides a vital vehicular and pedestrian connection between downtown businesses, nearby residential centers/Spring Creek, and the city’s Uncompahgre Riverway Trail and West Main Trailhead.

Over the years, the City of Montrose has implemented various capital projects to improve and streetscape portions of Main Street both east and west of Townsend Avenue. This work has generally extended from Park to Selig Avenues and has included the installation of decorated medians, tree rows, decorative lighting, “bulb-out” curb extensions, and conversion of four-lane roadways to two-lane roadways with diagonal parking (Cascade to Park only). However, Main Street west of Selig Avenue has generally remained in its outdated vehicular-focused configuration over the past several decades. This includes two travel lanes in each direction, shoulders for undefined parallel parking, and narrow, non-ADA-compliant sidewalks and driveways on each side of the roadway.

In its current configuration, West Main Street is an inhospitable area for pedestrians or bicyclists due to narrow/non-compliant sidewalks and is generally incompatible with a Main-Street style business that relies on comfortable access, pedestrian activity, and opportunistic sales. Furthermore, outdated and undersized storm sewer and water infrastructure are in need of replacement and upsizing within the West Main corridor.

Project Documents and Resources

Project Goals

As a remedy to these shortcomings, the West Main Street Revitalization project looks to accomplish the following:

  1. Install ADA-compliant, widened sidewalks along both sides of the street.
  2. Install bicycle facilities along one or both sides of the street, as space allows.
  3. Improve pedestrian safety
  4. Improve aesthetics of the corridor by “streetscaping” wherever possible
  5. Create a more inviting, business-friendly atmosphere
  6. Replace and upsize aged water infrastructure and portions of sanitary sewer

Additional detail on the project, traffic studies, alternative evaluations, and opportunities for public input are included on this page.

Public Feedback

The City hosted several open houses in early October to provide an overview of the project, review concept drawings, and solicit feedback from the public.  If you were not able to join these events, the overview presentation is included in the video above and feedback can be provided via an online form or by using the contact information shown below. Individual on-site appointments are also available.


Scott Murphy, City Engineer
(970) 901-1792