6800 Waterline Replacement Project

Project Summary

  • Location: 6800 Alignment between Sunnyside and Miami Road
  • Designer: Del-Mont Consultants (Montrose, CO)
  • Contractor: Williams Construction (Norwood, CO)
  • Final Construction Cost: $635k
  • Completed: April 2019

Project Overview

The City of Montrose’s Water Master Plan identified the construction of a dedicated fill line to the city’s Sunnyside Tank from the main Project 7 supply line along Highway 50 as a priority capital improvement. To that end, the city constructed a new line between 6800 Road and the Sunnyside Tank in 2016. 

The city has upsized an existing 12-inch line between Miami and Sunnyside roads along the 6800 Road alignment to a 24-inch line as shown in the accompanying figure. 

6800 Road Waterline Project Area