Niagara-Hillcrest Roundabout Construction

Project Timeline

  • Project Award: November 2023
  • Construction Start Date: December 12, 2023
  • Estimated Completion Date: June 2024

Project Team

  • Project Designer: Felsburg, Holt, and Ullevig (Greenwood Village, CO) with local support from Del-Mont Consultants (Montrose, CO)
  • Construction Contractor: Oldcastle SW Group DBA United Companies (Montrose, CO)

Project Costs

  • Design Cost: $165k
  • Construction Contract: $3.1M
  • Survey/Construction Support Contract: $110k

Project Overview

As part of long-range traffic planning efforts and in response to neighborhood petitions, congestion, and safety issues experienced along the corridor, the city performed a traffic study of Hillcrest Drive from Main Street to Niagara Road back in 2016. This study recommended the installation of roundabouts at the intersections of Miami, Sunnyside, and Niagara as both the near- and long-term solution to these issues.

In response to these recommendations, the city completed the roundabout at Hillcrest and Sunnyside in 2016. The second roundabout at Miami and Hillcrest was completed several years later in 2019.

The Niagara and Hillcrest intersection is currently controlled as a four-way stop. A recent traffic study for a nearby subdivision in 2021 indicated that the intersection was approaching capacity and would soon experience unacceptable levels of service during peak hours. In response to this, the city started on design of the roundabout in 2022 (incl. updated volume studies), completed necessary property acquisitions in 2023, and is now ready to construct the project.

Overview drawings of the Niagara/Hillcrest project depict the project footprint as well as the below-ground utility work planned for the intersection. This includes irrigation supply infrastructure, sanitary sewer reconstruction within the project area and down to Mesa Avenue, storm sewer (including stormwater treatment manholes and replacement of the 4-foot diameter line that experienced failure in the spring of 2023), water, communications lines, undergrounding of overhead power, the installation of new street lights, and power/water services to the roundabout center island to allow for landscaping that can be lit during the holidays (similar to others on Hillcrest).

Project Schedule and Traffic Control

Project construction started on December 12, 2023, and is scheduled to extend into June 2024. Similar to construction at the other Hillcrest roundabouts, this project will require full closure of the intersection. The primary detour route around the project is shown in the attached. The contractor will maintain detour signage to help motorists find the route and to discourage shortcutting through residential areas. Access to local residences and businesses immediately adjacent to the project area will be maintained throughout the project. 

Aerial photo of Niagara-Hillcrest intersection with roundabout design drawing superimposed

Project Detour Map

Niagara-Hillcrest Roundabout Construction Detour Map