Municipalities work with the same financial challenge that faces most businesses and households in their communities: stretching dollars to accomplish as much as possible.  

To this end, the City of Montrose has a successful grants program that has garnered received numerous state and federal grants over the years. These awards have helped to effectively recapture tax dollars that have left the community and re-invest those funds in Montrose.

Among the city's most successful grant projects are those that strengthen relationships with local government agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses by working collaboratively. This approach has garnered grant funds that have gone toward a broad range of community programs and projects. 

Grant Selection Criteria

In pursuing grants, the city looks for opportunities that: 

  • Leverage local tax dollars and resources to incentivize economic growth, strengthen city infrastructure, and improve the delivery of services
  • Provide social, cultural, and recreational opportunities for the community
  • Are conducive to partnering with other community organizations, which increases the likelihood of success, helps prevent competing grant applications from within the community, and ensures that grant-funded projects provide benefits to a broader segment of the population
  • Impose minimal administrative and regulatory overhead costs
  • Align with existing project and community priorities
  • Allow local non-profit organizations to receive grants with the city acting as a pass-through agency

Organizations interested in seeking a grant partnership with the City of Montrose should review the city's Grant Management Policy and submit the Grant Partnership Request Form

Success Stories

Over the past decade, the city has been the recipient of millions of dollars in grant funds from state and federal agencies, as well as private foundations. This funding has been applied to a wide range of uses ranging from infrastructure projects to public safety services. The city is also proud of local partnerships that have provided outside grant funding to community organizations.

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