Columbine-Pomona Safe Routes to Schools

Location: Park Avenue and South 12th Street and Park Avenue at Rotary Park Crosswalk
Designer: City of Montrose 
Contractor: Ridgway Valley Enterprises (Montrose, CO)
Project Cost: $265,000 (Incl. utility replacements)
Completed: July 2016

Project Overview

The City of Montrose was awarded a Safe Routes to Schools grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation in 2013 with a focus on constructing pedestrian safety improvements to benefit Columbine Middle School and Pomona Elementary School.  

The project included the reconstruction of the South 12th Street and Park Avenue intersection to eliminate offset entrances into Columbine Middle School by reconfiguring the intersection as a four-way stop. Bulb-out pedestrian landing areas were also utilized at the intersection to increase pedestrian visibility and shorten crosswalk distances.

The pedestrian trail that parallels the Montrose Arroyo and extends to Pomona Elementary School was also improved at its crossing of South 12th Street through the construction of pedestrian bulb-outs.