Highway Signal Projects

Project Overview

The main highways through the City of Montrose comprise Townsend Avenue, the San Juan Bypass, East Main Street (east of San Juan) and West Main Street (west of Townsend). Since technically highways, these roads are owned, operated, and controlled by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Where the city or county’s major roadways intersect these highways, the intersections are or will eventually become signalized.  Before the intersection can become signalized, it is necessary for the City to demonstrate to CDOT that a minimum volume threshold has been met at the intersection (known as signal warrants). Once enough volume is present at the intersections, CDOT will then allow the city or county to move forward with the design and installation of a signal at the intersection. The general premise is that signals at a lower-volume intersection are inefficient and can result in a larger delay or lower safety than if the side street was stop-controlled.  

As evidenced in a recent traffic study for a nearby subdivision, the intersection of 6530 Road and the San Juan Bypass is suspected to have met the required traffic volume signal warrants that would allow for a signal project to move forward. With the warrants met, the city is working on design of the signal in 2024 and plans to construct the signal in 2025.

As part of the 6530/San Juan signal design, the city will also be evaluating the intersections of 6450/San Juan and 6700/Hwy 50 to determine when signal warrants may be met at these intersections. Depending on the timing of these signal warrants, the city will then incorporate the design and construction of these signalized intersections into future capital budgets.

It should also be noted that design is underway for a new signal at the Montrose County Airport. This signal will line up with Industrial Drive to make a new four-way intersection. This project is being led by the Montrose County Airport and a construction start date is not known at this time. In the interim, the airport will be installing a temporary wire-span signal to service the existing airport entrance.