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Each spring, the City of Montrose sponsors and coordinates a full schedule of Earth Week activities. This is done to raise awareness about how each community member can help preserve a healthy environment for themselves and future generations. The theme for the 2022 celebration was "Invest In Our Planet."

The City of Montrose planned a full schedule of Earth Week activities to involve the community in the annual celebration from April 21 through April 29. Download the Earth Week schedule or see the list of activities below.

Schedule of City-Sponsored Events & Activities

Thursday, April 21: K-12 Coloring Contest and Art Contest Opens

Kindergarten - 5th Grade | The City of Montrose, Shavano Conservation District, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) presented the 16th annual Earth Day Coloring Contest. Participants had the opportunity to win Montrose Bucks and Montrose swag! The lucky winners were announced in May with a display advertisement in the Montrose Daily Press for all to see!

The NRCS Earth Team utilizes volunteer time, talent, and energy to help accomplish the NRCS mission of assisting people in supporting the land. Through local farmers and rancher boards, the Shavano Conservation District serves as grassroots leadership to the NRCS.

6th Grade - 12th Grade | For the first time, the City of Montrose opened the art contest to middle and high school students who were invited to showcase their artistic skills in any medium: digital art, 2D art, and 3D art. 

Friday, April 22 & Saturday, April 23: Spring Cleanup

In tandem with its Earth Week celebration, the City of Montrose continued its annual Spring Cleanup tradition by providing disposal and recycling services from a single collection point on April 22 and 23. Residents were invited to bring approved cleanup items to the drop-off site located off the San Juan Bypass (U.S. Highway 50), directly across the street from the Sunshine Peak apartment complex. 

Saturday, April 23: Know Your Food Day

Residents were encouraged to visit a local farm and meet the markers of their food. When shopping for food locally, you’re getting a fresher product packed full of flavor and nutrients as it doesn’t need to be picked early to allow for a lengthy distribution process. 

Sunday, April 24: Ride Your Bike Day

Warmer spring weather provided an opportunity to dust off the bikes and get the gears turning. Participants were invited to take to their bikes as a way to exercise, run errands, reduce vehicle emissions, and explore the many trails that wind their way through Montrose. Check out our bike map.

Monday, April 25: Community Garden Day 

Niagara Community Garden | The Community Garden provides an outdoor gathering place that promotes healthy living and nutrition in a small community environment. 46 garden plots are available in a variety of sizes for growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers. This is a great option for those who can't garden where they live and it also provides a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and learn new gardening techniques.

The plots at Niagara Community Garden receive full sun, include water in the cost, have beautiful mountain views, and offer plenty of space for crops that take up lots of real estate.

The Montrose Botanical Gardens offered educational opportunities to learn about gardening and caring for different plants. Get more information about the Botanical Gardens.

View a complete list of Montrose's greenhouses and nurseriesThe Colorado State University Extension is another great resource for gardening and composting. Learn more ... 

Tuesday, April 26:  Recycling 101

The city’s recycling crew and a group of volunteers, Montrose Recycles, partnered to do a presentation with the third-grade class to encourage the importance of recycling. Recycling Tips of the Month were featured on Facebook and Instagram to educate about proper recycling.

Wednesday, April 27: Adopt-a-Street

Community members were invited to invest in our planet and in our community by signing up with our Public Works Department to adopt a street. All supplies are provided by Public Works and participants are acknowledged with a sign featuring their names. To sign up, visit the Adopt-a-Street program webpage or call 970.240.1480.

Thursday, April 28: Adopt-a-Trail

Litter harms plants and animals but it’s a problem that can be controlled by investing time in our planet by signing up to adopt a trail! There’s no cost to participate, all supplies are provided, and participants are recognized for their efforts with a sign featuring their names. To sign up, visit the Adopt-a-Trail program webpage or call 970.240.1480.

Friday, April 29 - National Arbor Day

Each year, the City of Montrose Parks Department plants a tree to celebrate Arbor Day and to boost our index of right-of-way trees. Montrose has earned recognition as a Tree City USA from the Arbor Day Foundation for the city's commitment to effective urban forest management. Currently, the city’s right-of-way tree index is listed at about 7,000 trees. The Parks Department grows and maintains a diverse mix of native trees and plant species to strengthen wildlife habitats around the city. The goal is to make these areas accessible and sustainable for all residents of Montrose to explore and enjoy for many generations to come. 

Earth Week included a video presentation of the annual tree planting ceremony on Facebook or Instagram. Local Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops were invited to join the celebration at Buckley Park. 

Self-Guided Earth Week Activities  

Some suggested ideas for self-guided Earth Week activities included:

  • Going on a nature scavenger hunt. Make a list of common trees, plants, and animals in Montrose, then take a walk and find them. Hint: Many of these can be found in our city parks!
  • Taking a hike through your neighborhood equipped with gloves and pick up trash that collects along the roads and sidewalks.
  • Saving electricity.  After the sun goes down, turn off the lights, play hide-and-seek in the dark or grab a flashlight and share stories. 
  • Saving the air by staying home on Earth Day; or planning to walk or ride a bike and leaving the car behind. 
  • Slathering a few pinecones with peanut butter and rolling them in birdseed for a bird-sized snack to hang on trees.
  • Planting an herb garden or a fruit tree to share the fruits of Earth Day labor for many meals to come. What a perfect opportunity to teach children about the importance of trees and plants and their role in keeping our air clean while providing sustenance.
  • Turning off the TV and saving energy! Instead, curling up together and reading a favorite book about the Earth and our environment.
  • Building a compost bin to reduce the amount of trash and to make feeding plants more affordable and efficient.

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