2014 Election Results


On April 1, 2014, the City of Montrose held a regular general election. Arrangements for the City's elections are contained in Article III of the City Charter and in Title I, Chapter 17 of the Municipal Code.

The District Map provides detailed information about the district boundaries. Eligible voters may cast votes for candidates in each district, regardless of where they reside in the City.

2014 City Council Results

District I
District II
At Large
David Romero Rex Swanson Judy Ann Files
 3,284  3,232 3,597

Measure "A" (Broadband Initiative)

Yes No
 3,982 1,397

Measure "B" (Recreation Center Initiative)

For Against
2,984 2,736

Referred Measure (City Charter)

For Against
3,975 1,421

2014 Election Statistics

Ballots Mailed:


Ballots Received:


Percent Returned:


Measure "A"

A ballot question regarding whether the City may re-establish its right to provide telecommunications services, advanced services, and cable television services either directly or indirectly with public or private sector partners. On February 4 the Montrose City Council passed a resolution referring the question to the voters. View the Question and Answer document for additional information about the Measure.

Measure "B"

The Montrose Recreation District (MRD) Board of Directors voted unanimously to pursue a 0.3% sales tax initiative during the 2014 municipal election. On January 21 the Montrose City Council passed a resolution referring the question to the voters. 

Referred Measure "Charter of the City of Montrose, Colorado"

The City of Montrose submitted proposed changes to the City Charter to the voters through a resolution passed by the City Council on February 4.