Brownfields Assessment Process

What Steps are involved in the Process?

  • First, the City identifies sites that have redevelopment potential and also meet the definition of a Brownfield and then offer to meet with the owners who express interest in participating.
  • Next and with the property owners consent, consultants investigate the site background by looking at historic information – which include photographs or written records and a site reconnaissance – this is termed the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). (led by consultant Ayres Associates)
  • A report is prepared and recommendations within the report dictate if the site is ready for redevelopment or further investigation may be necessary.
  • The planners prepare a master plan for future potential development, working with the land owners and facilitating a public participation process to shape and prioritize that plan.
  • A variety of strategies is used to implement the plan, including pursuit of grants and financial assistance to build infrastructure and mitigate contamination to clear sites for redevelopment.

How long is the Process?

The information collection can often be completed within three to four weeks, and field investigations, if required, from four to six weeks. If a contractor is interested in starting a new development or renovating a building, the site assessment activities can - be completed quickly enough to allow them to proceed on schedule.