East Oak Grove Road Widening Project

Location: East Oak Grove Road, Townsend to Bear Lake Drive
Designer: Calibre Engineering (Highlands Ranch, CO)   
Contractor: Rundle Construction (Montrose, CO)
Cost: $1.1M
Completion: November 2015

Project Overview

In 2008 the City of Montrose hired Calibre Engineering to prepare plans for the widening/extension of East Oak Grove between Townsend Avenue and 6700 Road. As the first phase of this project, the city performed the widening of the road between Townsend Avenue and Bear Lake Drive.

Before completion of this project, the old East Oak Grove road was only about 20 feet wide; barely enough for two vehicles to pass by, let alone vehicles and pedestrians at the same time. The newly completed roadway is approximately 48 feet wide (pavement width) and includes detached sidewalks down both sides.

The project also includes the replacement and upsizing of an aged waterline and undergrounding of overhead power lines.