Montrose Bucks Program

What is the Montrose Bucks program all about?

Montrose Bucks are a local tradition coordinated by the Office of Business and Tourism to provide extra incentives for the community to shop locally and support local merchants. Bucks can be given as gifts, rewards, and incentives by individuals and businesses alike - year-round. 

We’re excited to roll out big improvements to the locally-loved Montrose Bucks program!

Special Montrose BUCKS  Promotion

During the month of September, we're running a special promotion that will reward Montrose Bucks purchasers with an extra $20 to spend in town when they buy $100 in Montrose Bucks!

Sales are limited to $400 per family (must be present to purchase, not available online). Checks and credit cards are not accepted. Quantities are limited and usually sell out quickly.  

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s year-round! Although we’ll still be doing the holiday ’Bucks’ promotion, this is a gift card program to support local shops, restaurants, and businesses year-round.
  • No more paper bucks! The new Montrose Bucks gift cards are the same size, shape, and weight as a standard debit/credit card, and function as any other gift card.
  • No more expiration dates! Funds do not expire with the new program.
  • New Design! The graphic above depicts the card design. You’ll be seeing them around soon!

Montrose Bucks Card Shop Local GraphicInfo for Purchasers

  • Montrose Bucks function like a store or chain-specific gift card.
  • Cards can be used at participating businesses:
    • Look for the Montrose Bucks window cling or program poster
    • Check our list of participating businesses
    • Ask a store employee
  • Keep track of your card balance. Purchase amounts that exceed a card’s remaining balance will be rejected. Businesses may accept partial payment with cash, supplemented by the remaining balance on the card.
  • Cards cannot be ’recharged" and are not redeemable for cash

Have questions about the program?

Reach out to us at

Montrose Bucks - September Promotion Banner

Info for Businesses

  • The redesigned Montrose Bucks program is crafted to improve the user and business-side experience. 
  • No Fees! This program is offered at zero cost to all businesses that sign up.
  • It’s Easy! No more expiration dates to verify. Transactions will process the same as with any gift card and within the remaining balance on the card. 
  • Sign up to participate. We’re creating a list of Montrose businesses that accept Montrose Bucks gift cards. Please complete a simple registration form to get the process started. Note: To participate, your business must already have an existing credit card processing system (example: Square).
  • Let Montrose shoppers know that you participate in the program by prominently displaying your Montrose Bucks window cling and/or program poster.