Montrose Lions Community Building

Lions ClubhouseLions Park, established in 1925, stemmed from a community effort originally intended to provide tourists and county residents a place to stay while they came to the county seat to conduct business.

Today, the building and grounds continue to be used by residents and tourists alike for special events and activities.

The Lions Clubhouse, located at 602 North Nevada Avenue, is available for public use. The facility has a kitchen,10 banquet tables, 10 card tables, and 50 chairs. The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, electric stove, and sink. Cooking supplies, coffee pots, and serving utensils are not provided. 

Clubhouse Reservations

To reserve the Lions Clubhouse for your next event, call 240-1422 to make sure your date is available, then fill out the building reservation form and contract in English or Spanish.

Clubhouse Rules and Info

  • No alcohol allowed
  • No loud music or parties allowed
  • No weddings or wedding receptions are allowed
  • Events must be kept to under 100 persons
  • All tables and chairs must be put away and the building cleaned, including sweeping/mopping the floors and taking the trash out. Cleaning supplies are provided and a clean-up list is posted at the clubhouse.
  • You must set up and clean up the building during the time that has been reserved as other reservations may have been made before and after your time slot. You may not go in earlier than your time or stay late. If you anticipate needing more time, check with the Deputy City Clerk (240-1422) to see if additional time is available. You will be charged $5 per hour.
  • The Lions Clubhouse will only be scheduled upon the completion of the contract and full payment of the deposit and rental fee. Deposit - $100
  • The deposit will be refunded in the form of a check mailed out approximately two weeks after the rental date. A full refund of the deposit will only occur after the building has been checked for damage. Make sure that your correct mailing address is on the contract. The user will be responsible for all cleaning and repair of damages to the building.
  • Rental fee w/kitchen - $40 for 5 hours
  • Rental fee w/o kitchen - $25 for 5 hours
  • Additional hours - $5 per hour
  • The access code to unlock the building will be issued to the user via phone by the deputy city clerk the week prior to the reservation. The user may also call 240-1422 to obtain the code, Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. To unlock the door using the access code, enter the number using the keypad located on the door on the south side of the building. After entering the code, immediately turn the handle to open the door.
  • Users are responsible for the use of the access code and will only be able to obtain the code during business hours. Weekend and after-hours users will need to be extra careful to keep track of the code as there will be no other way to enter the building without it. The access code should not be shared, as the designated user is responsible for all use of the code. All doors shall be locked following each event. The city will track the use of the access code and it will only be valid for the date and time of the reservation.