Sign Permits

Planning Services has worked closely with local business owners, sign companies, citizens, community organizations, and elected officials to create a Sign Code that balances the desires and interests of these different groups.

Applications for Special Events Permits can be submitted online, but applications for permanent sign permits must be submitted to Planning Services in hard copy form.

The Montrose Sign Code now allows off-premise signs. However, a Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Permit is required prior to city issuance of a permit for off-premise signs along all state highways. Visit the CDOT website for permit information.

Any questions regarding the Sign Code can be directed to the Planning Services office via an online form or by calling 970-240-1477.

Temporary Signs

No permit is required if:
  • The temporary sign (banner) will be no larger than 64 square feet.
  • Only one temporary sign may be displayed at any one time.

Special Event Signs

  • All signs must be located on-premise.
  • Balloons, streamers, pennants, and hand-held signs, etc. are only allowed as part of a Special Event Permit. Permits are valid for 96 hours and may be issued consecutively. Up to 12 special events may be held per calendar year.
  • Banners and special events signage are only allowed in non-residential zoning districts.
  • There are size and height limitations for banners, balloons, streamers, and pennants.
For more specific information visit the links below:
special event banner