Paint Waste

While not considered to be hazardous waste, leftover paint can be a toxic substance in landfills. Residents are encouraged to take precautions to ensure that paint is properly disposed of.

Paint Waste Regulations

Paint waste must be dried before it is considered non-hazardous. It can then be safely thrown in the trash. Drying paint can be done quickly by mixing sand into the wet paint and allowing the mixture to harden.

Alternatives to Disposal

The city of Montrose recommends that residents try alternatives to disposing unused paint.
  • Swap paint – Donating unused paint to a project is a cost effective and gratifying way to ensure that your paint does not go to waste.
  • Purchase wisely – By measuring the right amount of paint for a specific job, you can cut your costs and lower the amount of unused paint a project can produce. A paint calculator is an effective tool to estimate how much paint you will need.
  • Recycle it - Take unused paint to a Paint Care drop-off location near you. View the Paint Care program flyer.