Special Waste Disposal


Federal, state, and local laws limit the types of waste that can be placed for collection by the city. Items that should not be included in routine trash collection include toxic, explosive, hazardous or extremely flammable materials, materials contaminated with contagious diseases, and dead animals. The Sanitation Division of Public Works to provides special collection services for construction waste, furniture and appliances, tree limbs, freight packaging and other materials that are not allowed under the routine trash collection service. Fees will be charged on the customer's monthly utility bill according to the amount and type of materials that are collected. To schedule a special pick up, call 970-240-1480 or 970-240-1400.

Local businesses and organizations provide recycling services for some types of special waste. Helpful disposal information is available for the following types of waste:
When funds are available, the city schedules special events for the collection of household hazardous waste. No events are scheduled at this time.

Special Guidance for Businesses

It is important for business owners to be informed about waste handling and disposal regulations that apply to their operations. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's (CDPHE) “Guide to Generator Requirements of the Colorado Hazardous Waste Regulations” is a particularly helpful resource to helping businesses comply with the law. 

Other valuable compliance information and resources are available from the CDPHE website.