Industrial Pretreatment Program

The primary function of the city's Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) is to prevent the introduction of pollutants into the sanitary sewer system that could interfere with the operation of the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP), cause damage to the sewer system, or pass through the treatment plant to the Uncompahgre River. The WWTP is primarily designed to treat domestic sewage and non-domestic wastewater has the potential to harm the biological treatment processes used at the plant.

Regulation of businesses and industries through the Industrial Pretreatment Program ensures the protection of the environment and the safety of wastewater treatment personnel and the community.

The responsibilities of IPP are to:

  • Administer pretreatment discharge permits and provide enforcement.
  • Enforce applicable US Environmental Protection Agency categorical standards.
  • Maintain an active Industrial Waste Survey.
  • Monitor, assist, sample, and inspect local businesses and industries for compliance.
  • Prevent the introduction of pollutants into the Publicly Owned Treatment Works that could pass through the treatment works or be incompatible with treatment operations and/or the use or disposal of biosolids.
  • Protect the general health and safety of WWTP collection system employees.
  • Provide education regarding best management practices, pollution prevention, and waste minimization.
  • Respond to illicit discharges to the sanitary sewer system.

Business Owner Responsibilities

All businesses are responsible for ensuring that they comply with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations governing the operation of their business including, but not limited to, subtitles C and D of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Code of Federal Regulations, and City of Montrose Municipal Code, (Title III, Chapter 6). Most businesses are required to implement some sort of better management practices.

Due to the design of the city's Wastewater Treatment Plant, the following wastes are not accepted:

  • Grease interceptor wastes
  • Hazardous wastes from groundwater remediation
  • Hazardous wastes from industrial processes
  • Medical waste of any kind including expired pills
  • Oil and gas frac water waste
  • Sand/oil interceptor waste


According to the Code of Federal Regulations, the city of Montrose is charged with knowing what businesses are in Montrose, regardless of the types of waste they generate. All businesses are required to complete a simple questionnaire. Additional follow-ups will be scheduled for certain types of businesses.

Discharge Authorization Order

If you believe your business could be a categorical industrial user (CIU) or significant industrial user (SIU), please contact the IPP department to schedule a meeting. 

Permit Notices

Permit notices are available for comment for 30 days. Comments or questions can be emailed to Hyrum Webb or mailed to:

Hyrum Webb
City of Montrose
P.O. Box 790
Montrose, CO 81402

Phone 970-240-1452

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