SE Water Transmission Main

Project Timeline

  • Project Award: January 2022
  • Estimated Completion Date: April 2023

Project Team

  • Project Designer: City of Montrose Engineering Department
  • Project Surveyor: Del-Mont Consultants (Montrose, CO)
  • Construction Contractor: Williams Construction (Norwood, CO)

Project Costs

  • Construction Contract: $3.2 M
  • Survey/Construction Support Contract: $43 K

Status Update

The contractor working on this job was delayed in the spring by pipe deliveries for the project. As a result, it was unable to finish the pipe-laying portions of the project before needing to move its crews over to the Montrose County Airport to meet contract obligations for the terminal expansion project. Pipeline work is expected to resume around mid-July and all road paving repairs are expected to be completed by October.

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Project Overview

The City of Montrose Water Master Plan calls for the installation of a 24-inch diameter transmission line starting at the connection point with Project 7 at Highway 50 near Miami Road and ultimately running to the Sunshine Road Water Tank just south of Brown Ranch Subdivision. In line with this plan, the City has upsized approximately 1.2 miles of existing lines over the past several years, coming down Miami Road and turning south to Sunnyside Road along the 6800 alignment. This project will continue these efforts by installing a new 1.8-mile-long waterline from the intersection of 6800 and Sunnyside Roads south to the intersection of East Oak Grove and 6700 Roads. The new line will run along open fields, rights of way, open space areas, and through the middle of Fox Park. The transmission main is a dedicated fill line for the tanks and, as a result, will generally run independently of the existing water distribution system. The line is needed in order to keep up with growing water demands.    

The construction project is scheduled to begin in late January and extend through the spring of 2023 with a summer shutdown in 2022. Utility work of this nature is generally best performed in winter months when groundwater levels are lower. In this instance, the contract is also set up such that work cannot take place within Fox Park during the summer when park use is highest.  

Portions of the project will be taking place within Hill Street and Niagara Roads. Closures of these roadways segments will be necessary during active construction. Detours will be established and access will be maintained to all residences during these closures. When working within Fox Park, an allowable 30-foot-wide work corridor will be fenced off along the new pipeline and the remainder of the park (including the playground) will remain open. All disturbed areas will be restored to a condition as good as or better than pre-construction.