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Posted on: March 17, 2017

Trail and Invasive Plant Removal Work Begins in Cerise Park

Local Boy Scout Ryan Sanderson is coordinating work for his Eagle Scout project in Cerise Park on Saturday, March 18. Ryan’s focus is on mitigating impacts from “social trails” that have become established in and around the south portion of the disc golf course. Ryan will also be working to improve drainage for the trail and planting native Sage and Bunch Grass.

Ryan’s work will contribute to a larger effort spurred by the parks division to solidify a trail network in this area of Cerise Park. This work began in 2016 when the city installed two trails in the area. Today, numerous informal paths cut across the hillside, creating significant impact and confusion for users regarding the official paths. Remediation measures include installing signage to designate official trails and covering the informal network with brush in order to revegetate and restore the area. Additionally, Lawrence Sanderson, Ryan’s father, with the help of the Montrose Hell Fighters, a local wildfire crew, will burn brush piles of invasive plants that were eradicated in fall 2016.

The work conducted this weekend aligns with invasive species eradication efforts which began in 2014 with a YouthCorp grant and partnership between the city and Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO). “The City of Montrose has partnered with GOCO to carry out invasive plant eradication for three years. In 2014, crews worked to clear Russian Olive in Cerise Park. In 2015, crews focused on thistle and trail building at Cerro Summit. In 2016 crews focused on Russian Olive and Whitetop at the Marine Road site,” stated Parks Division Superintendent John Malloy. The city will continue invasive plants remediation efforts in Montrose with a focus on revitalizing native fauna, which includes cottonwoods, willows, and sumac.

City staff respectfully asks the public to support and respect Ryan’s work and the work of the city crews to restore the area. Please contact Parks Division Superintendent John Malloy at (970)-240-1411 or with questions or concerns.

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