2016 Community Survey

Montrose residents had a special opportunity to weigh in on the quality of city services by participating in the 2016 Community Survey. Data from the survey, conducted by ETC Institute, helps the city gauge how well Montrose is performing when compared to past surveys and other communities around the region and nation. The results also provide valuable information about citizen satisfaction and will help city leaders plan, prioritize, and improve services.

Survey Design

The survey retains some questions used in past surveys, while adding new questions that enhance the value of “service satisfaction” questions by also measuring the importance that respondents assign to each service. This data will allow the city to prioritize actions in addressing any deficiencies.


Unlike past surveys that were distributed to all households within the city, this survey reached about 2000 randomly selected households. Residents who were not selected to participate in the primary sample group were invited to complete an on-line questionnaire.

We genuinely value the input provided by survey respondents. The time invested in completing the survey will influence many of the decisions that will be made about the future of Montrose.

Survey Results

Survey Documents