Hillcrest Improvements Project

Project Background

In response to routine observations of congestion-related traffic delays, traffic accidents, safety concerns, and citizen petitions to improve intersections on Hillcrest Drive, the city recently completed a traffic study of the Hillcrest corridor between Miami and Niagara. This study, performed by Calibre Engineering, is the first step in a multi-step process for improving traffic flow and safety through this corridor. The traffic study evaluated existing intersection capacities and provided recommendations for improvements based on both present and anticipated future traffic volumes. These recommendations serve as the basis for future construction projects to improve the corridor.
Traffic Backup at Sunnyside and Hillcrest

Informational Session

The city held a public informational session to discuss the traffic study, results, and reasoning behind the selection of roundabouts as the preferred alternative. The informational session, held on April 12, included a presentation by the engineering department followed by a one-on-one question and answer session with city staff.

Design Features and Timing

The city has decided to improve the intersections of Miami, Sunnyside, and Niagara by eventually replacing the stop-sign controlled intersections with roundabouts. The first of these construction projects will begin in June 2016 at the intersection of Sunnyside and Hillcrest. This intersection is being improved first because the city owns enough property on this corner to allow for construction of the roundabout.

The roundabout at Miami and Hillcrest is scheduled for 2017 construction, pending budget approval. Although improvements at Miami are considered high priority, the city must purchase some land to allow for the roundabout’s construction at this location. This process can take in excess of six months to complete, moving construction into 2017 at the earliest.

Improvements at Niagara and Hillcrest are currently not scheduled as this intersection is expected to function at an acceptable level into the near future under its current configuration.

When evaluating alternatives for improvement of the Hillcrest corridor, the city considered leaving the corridor as-is (do nothing), installation of signalized intersections, and installation of roundabouts. After careful consideration of present and long-term intersection capacities, traffic flow, pedestrian safety, vehicular safety, cost, traffic calming characteristics, ability of improvements to limit unwanted truck traffic, aesthetics, and familiarity of improvements, the city selected roundabouts as the best option for intersections on the Hillcrest corridor.

Project Updates

October 11 -

All that remains before opening of the roadway is asphalt paving of the approach roadways, installation of new signage and striping, several small concrete pours, and landscaping of the center island. Paving is scheduled for October 17 and 18 and the landscaping work will begin shortly after.

Nearly all pedestrian access through the work area has been re-opened. Pedestrians are advised to stay on established sidewalks and exercise caution throughout the work area.

The roundabout will be closed for two evenings in mid-November for application of a protective seal coat to protect the new roadway from salt used with snow and ice removal operations. The closures will take place in off-peak hours as to minimize impact to motorists.

September 9 -

All utility construction, relocation, and replacement work is complete and all efforts are now focused on pouring of the concrete curbing, sidewalks, and pavement. Project completion is still scheduled for the end of October.

July 29 - Construction of the new roundabout at the intersection of Sunnyside and Hillcrest is progressing on schedule and within budget. Since starting construction, the contractor has cleared the site, replaced a sanitary sewer main between Essex Street and Sunnyside Road, replaced an aging waterline across the project area, constructed a 200-foot-long waterline bore beneath the Altrusa Park sledding hill, constructed new and upsized storm drain piping, installed fiber optic conduit across the project area, and is currently working with utility companies to relocate overhead power and cable lines below ground.

Construction of these utilities is expected to be complete in approximately two weeks. The contractor will focus on the placement of structural fill beneath the new roadway and construction of new curb, gutter, and sidewalks throughout the project area, following completion of utility construction.

The current traffic detour will remain in effect for the duration of the project. In the early stages of the project, pedestrians were able to walk through the work area; however, during portions of the upcoming sidewalk and curb construction it will be necessary to close portions of the adjacent sidewalks. During this time, pedestrians may detour around the project area through the adjacent neighborhoods. The new sidewalks will be re-opened on each side of the intersection as soon as they are constructed.

The City would like to thank residents for their patience throughout this project.

June 12 -

Contractors working for the City of Montrose are scheduled to begin construction of a new roundabout at the intersection of Sunnyside Road and Hillcrest Drive on June 14. The intersection itself and entrances to McGuire Drive and Essex Street immediately adjacent to the project will be closed to all traffic throughout the duration of the project. This closure is scheduled to last through the end of October.

Motorists will be directed onto a detour route that is intended to keep through traffic from shortcutting through residential neighborhoods to the extent possible. Access to residential streets, churches, the Elks Lodge, and the Black Canyon Golf Course will remain open to local and emergency traffic; however, the intersection of Sunnyside/Hillcrest will remain impassible throughout construction. Accommodations will be made immediately alongside the project to allow for pedestrians to cross both Sunnyside and Hillcrest.


Please contact City Engineer Scott Murphy (970-901-1792) if you have any unanswered questions or concerns.


Please contact the City Engineer, Scott Murphy (970-901-1792) if you have any unanswered questions or concerns.


Please contact the City Engineer, Scott Murphy (970-901-1792) if you have any unanswered questions or concerns.