A+ Business Program

The A+ Business Program is designed to encourage businesses to implement practices that keep the sewers and the Waste Water Treatment Plant running optimally.

Congratulations to the following businesses that have that have met or exceeded the city's Industrial Pretreatment Program requirements:

    Camp Robber 1515 Ogden Road
    Ted Nelson's Steak House 103 Rose Lane
    Qdoba 2620 Woodgate Rd Suite 103
    RNR Sportsbar 35 North Uncompahgre
    El Jimador 1201 S. Townsend
    Creekside Restaurant 697 Cobble Drive

Dental Offices
    Colorado Smiles 601 South 3rd St
    Hansen & Amundson Dental 629 East Star Court
    Peterson & Graff 1809 East Pavilion Drive
    Joe Stucky DDS 154 Colorado Avenue #201

Significant Industrial Users (SIU)
    Acme Plating  1831 Launa Drive
    Russell Stover Candies 2200 Stover Ave.

The A+ Business Requirements document provides additional details about the program.