Public Participation

The City of Montrose hosted a vision workshop at the Montrose Pavilion on July 26, 2010, with over 120 community members in attendance. The workshop included a presentation by DHM Design about initial plan concepts and the approach to creating a river corridor master plan as well as a key pad opinion polling session by RPI Consulting. Participants were then encouraged to submit site-specific and general comments in response to the plan concepts displayed throughout the meeting space.  

Two follow-up public meetings were held.  The first, held on November 3, 2010, included a presentation about whitewater parks by world champion kayaker and veteran whitewater park designer Scott Shipley of S20 Design and a presentation of the draft plan by Ann Christensen of DHM Design. This event was an opportunity for residents to enjoy presentations by these top-notch designers, ask questions, and offer comments on the draft plan.

The second follow-up meeting, held on March 22, 2011, afforded attendees an opportunity to view the final draft of the master plan and offer their impressions.

An online comment form was made available to those who were unable to attend these public meetings.