Master Planning Process

Taviwach Park
DHM Design of Durango, Colorado worked as a consultant to the city to manage the process and develop the plan. The consultant team included RPI Consulting, Walsh Environmental LLC, and S2O Consulting.

Tasks included the following:
  1. Existing conditions inventory and analysis
  2. Community vision and public input
  3. Preparation of a draft plan
  4. Input on the river buffer zone ordinance
  5. River corridor sign logo and signage input
  6. Final plan completion
The plan includes long-range guidance along the river corridor through the City of Montrose. The plan includes a continuous river trail system and access points, recreation and infrastructure improvements, and identifies potential land acquisitions. The plan identifies areas in the corridor that are suitable for more intensive uses while recommending how to best preserve elements of the river corridor that are particularly important to the functioning of the ecosystem.

The plan describes the many potential community benefits related to improving the river corridor including recreational, economic, and ecological benefits.