Woodgate Road Improvements

The city, in partnership with engineering consultant Drexel, Barrell & Company, completed design work for the widening of Woodgate Road between the Ogden roundabout and Oxbow Drive and, after a public review process, construction was completed in 2016.

The roadway includes one through lane in each direction, dedicated bike lanes, a shared center turn lane, a new right turn lane into Wal-Mart’s northern entrance, and sidewalks down both sides of the roadway. Various landscaping, utility, and stormwater drainage improvements were also included in the construction project.

The goal of the project was to improve vehicular and pedestrian mobility and safety through the corridor in anticipation of the Montrose Recreation District’s new Community Recreation Center (CRC) that opened in early 2017. Construction was planned to coincide with the CRC project, thus limiting traffic impacts and noise associated with both projects. The timing also allowed the roadway to be finished and ready for traffic once the CRC opened its doors.