Action Committees

The coalition consists of five committees working on separate areas of concern. These include:
  • Awareness and Prevention
  • Data Collection
  • Drug-Endangered Children
  • Public Safety
  • Treatment
Awareness/Prevention Committee
The focus of this committee is to identify and implement activities that have been proven to prevent the use and/or abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Activities include public relations campaigns, educational programs, and addressing some of the social issues that lead to substance abuse. This committee works with law enforcement, public and private schools, Health and Human Services, the media, and other agencies. Their mission is to reach adult community members and all middle and high school students in Montrose County’s RE-1J and the West-End’s RE-2 districts.

Data Collection Committee
This committee has a two-fold purpose. First, to collect data from local law enforcement agencies and the state judicial system and analyze it statistically. Second, to establish and nurture relations with key community stakeholders and key state and national resources for the purpose of collecting current drug abuse information and making it available to the coalition.

Drug Endangered Children (D.E.C.) Committee
This committee is composed of representatives from youth serving agencies, Kinship Connections, medical providers, care providers, and community individuals.

The committee was established with these issues in mind:
  • Vision: The Children of Montrose County will live in a drug-free environment.
  • Mission: Be a resource for children and families, to collaborate and coordinate efforts between service delivery systems that provide support and education to those who are affected by the use and abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. This committee is focused on education and providing resources and fun activities for children and the family members who care for them.
Public Safety Committee
Goal: To reduce the availability of illegal, club, and designer drugs in Montrose County.

This committee is composed of members from varied backgrounds in public relations, educational, and public services experience. The group is responsible for prevention assessment, strategies, educational activities, coordination and distribution, some public and media relations, activities and meeting notifications.

The committee works to advocate proactive drug enforcement to reduce and/or eliminate the supply and use of drugs in Montrose County communities.

This committee also works with regional law enforcement agencies and community groups to establish drug enforcement partnerships, such as the Crime-Free Housing Program.

For reporting of suspicious drug activity and users only, the number is 970-249-2037.

Treatment Committee
Goal: To ensure adequate treatment is available in Montrose County.

This group is committed to identifying and collaborating with various community resources to enhance treatment quality and support for the client and their loved ones, while ensuring the use of evidence-based treatment approaches and including continued assessment of barriers within our communities.

The majority of people who enter treatment are not ready to quit drinking and drugging right away, yet many of them do eventually decide to get clean and sober. Even people who drop out of treatment tend to use fewer drugs than they did before entering treatment. Substance abuse treatment similar to treatment for hypertension and diabetes, requires lifestyle changes by the individual. Our crowded jails cannot hold all those addicted, who, once released, go back to drugs and a life of crime to support their habit if they do not receive treatment. It is imperative that appropriate treatment is available.