Executive Board

The Coalition for a Drug Free Montrose County operates under the direction of a 12-member executive board.  Board members are appointed by a vote of the coalition stakeholders and serve a two-year term.

Executive Board Members
  • Carol Friedrich, Deputy Director, Health and Human Services - Executive Board Chair and chairperson of the Treatment Committee
  • Sgt. Paul Eller, Montrose Police Department – Public Safety Committee
  • Chief Thomas Chinn, Montrose Police Department – Public Safety Committee
  • Sheriff Rick Dunlap, Montrose County Sheriff’s Department – Public Safety Committee
  • Gayle Davidson, Executive Director, Partners of Delta, Montrose and Ouray counties - Drug-Endangered Children Committee chairperson
  • Lance Michaels, U.S. Bank – Awareness/Prevention Committee chairperson
  • David White, Montrose County Commissioner, representative of that Board
  • Jon Gordon, Director, The Center for Mental health
  • Professor Michael C. Gizzi, Illinois State University
  • Carroll Warner, Chief Probation Officer, 7th Judicial District
  • James Clayton, District Administrator, 7th Judicial District